New Work Bonnie Peterson
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Arctic Sea Ice, 36 x 32
arctic melting & the northwest passage

Ocean Heat,
38 x 41
heat in the top 700 meters of the ocean

Days of Lead (Pb), 50 x 50
Lead in the Flint, MI water supply
Drought, 38 x 55
California's "500 year drought"

FLAMe & Spatial Variability, 31 x 42
High Speed Limnology


Drone Shadow, 52 x 48
the Poetic Dialoguet project

On the Nature of Fire,
65 x 85
fire ecology relationships

On the Nature of Fire v2, 18 x 24
pencil on Mylar over Arizona map

Phantom Ranch Quad, 27 x 22
collage on paper

Unravelling, 32 x 34
a whirlwind of political speech
  • Link to Fires of Change blog

Mr Brexit, 14 x 14
Trump's words

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