Adventure Series Bonnie Peterson
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Ocean Heat,
38 x 41
heat in the top 700 meters of the ocean
Transect, 40 x 52
timeline of a melting glacier

Mono Lake, Brewer & the Public Trust, 43 x 50
historic descriptions of the lake and its politics
Accelerating Antarctica, 35 x 41
melting ice sheets

Turning Green, 32 x 52
melting of Greenland's glaciers

Ice Phenology, 12 x 28
Duration of annual ice cover

Hetch Hetchy Blueprint
54 x 68
San Francisco's 1908 land
acquisitions in Yosemite

Of Bogs and Benthos, 52 x 72
artist/scientist project with University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology

Bluemlisalp Glacier, 44 x 60
Swiss Glacier melting

Sea Level Rise, 9 x 9
120 years of tide guage records

Prayer Flag Installation
History and hiking in Tibet

Kora, 68 x 70
a Tibetan pilgrimage

Atmospheric CO2, 9 x 9
800,000 years of data

Glacier Survey, 40 x 46
Measuring the Lyell Glacier, Yosemite National Park

Valley of Domes, 43 x 45
Backpacking Tahoe-Yosemite Trail

Muir Trail, 72 x 84
Backpacking in CA

Chicago Portage, 65 x 68
Joliet and Marquette's 1673 exploration of WI and IL rivers

Its Just Math, 46 x 54
Artist/scientist climate change project

Upper Peninsula, 50 x 48
Skiing the top of Mt Houghton

Lyell Canyon, 34 x 40
John Muir's 1894 journal entry

Hetch Hetchy Valley 40 x 48
Before the dam in Yosemite

Bitter Root, 42 x 40
With Montana's Poet Laureate Greg Pape

When I Saw Winter, 56 x 50
Back country skiing at the Apostle Islands WI

Waiting at North Swallow
Sea kayaking the north shore of Lake Superior

Grand Prismatic Spring
A trapper's 1800s description of Yellowstone's largest spring

Francis Jacker's 1800s Houghton/Hancock, MI

Snow Creek Trail
Trans-Sierra ski, Lee Vining-Yosemite Valley

Crater Lake Centennial
skiing Crater Lake during an artist residency

Lake Superior Expeditions
Skiing, kayaking, backpacking

Trip to Blake Point
Sea kayaking
Isle Royale during an artist residency

Crossing at Miner's Castle
Sea kayaking at Pictured Rocks, Lake Superior

Tenaya Lake
John Muir on the name of Tenaya Lake

Dam Hetch Hetchy
Muir's battle against the dam

Trip to Glacier Point
Skiing Yosemite's rim

Green River Expedition
Paddling Canyonlands NP
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