Political Series Bonnie Peterson
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Testimony 2, 12 x 12
Anita Hill's and Clarence Thomas's testimony

War Crimes
Torture defined in the Constitution, Universal Dec.Human Rights etc


Embroidery on vintage textiles

Tutsi Testimony
from survivors of the Rwandan genocide

War Graph
Iraq civilian and US military deaths

Washington West Quad
Military and civilian deaths in Iraq

Iraqi Freedom
George Bush's response (letter) to my letter

Convoy to Sheberghan
POW's in Afghanistan

Wedding Party Massacre
Civilian deaths during Iraq wedding

Its Me
Arthur Miller on the Vietnam War

Clarence Thomas appointment

Those Who Answered
9/11 firefightes & the shock half a continent away

Congo/Zaire history

Fissures in the Earth, Fire in the Sky
the first Gulf War

Truth Justice & the American Way
Nicole Brown Simpson's diaries
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