Political Series
Bonnie Peterson
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Days of Lead (Pb), 50 x 50
Lead in the Flint, MI water supply

Drone Shadow, 52 x 48
the Poetic Dialoguet project

War Crimes,46 x 50
Torture defined in the Constitution, Universal Dec.Human Rights etc

War Graph, 58 x 70
Iraq civilian and US military deaths

Convoy to Sheberghan, 50x56
POW's in Afghanistan

Tutsi Testimony, 322 x 1.5
from survivors of the Rwandan genocide

Kora, 68 x 70
a Tibetan pilgrimage

Cruise Missile Family, 27 x 27

Cruise Missile Family #2, 27 x 29

Washington West Quadrangle, 29 x 22
Military and civilian deaths in Iraq

Imperial Intervention Globe
text points to US interference in other countries

Overseas, 48 x 58
Congo/Zaire history

Its Me, 17 x 18
Arthur Miller on the Vietnam War

Iraqi Freedom, 40 x 48
George Bush's response (letter) to my letter

Confirmation, 54 x 52
Clarence Thomas appointment

Testimony 2, 12 x 12
Anita Hill's and Clarence Thomas's testimony

Truth Justice & the American Way, 65 x 56
Nicole Brown Simpson's diaries

Wedding Party Massacre, 40x60+
Civilian deaths during Iraq wedding
Mr Brexit, 14 x 14
Trump's words

Unravelling, 32 x 34
a whirlwind of political speech

Fissures in the Earth, Fire in the Sky, 50 x 45
the first Gulf War

Those Who Answered,
38 x 48
9/11 firefightes & the shock half a continent away

, 24 x 23
Embroidery on vintage textiles

Civilian Casualties, 18 x 18
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