Bluemlisalp Glacier, 44" H x 60" W

Embroidery on silk, paint pen.

The Bluemlisalp Glacier is in the Bernese Alps section of Switzerland. The Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network publishes measurements of the retreat of this and many other Swiss glaciers.

This embroidered silk map shows a section of trail between the towns of Lauterbrunnen and Kandersteg, Switzerland as the trail crosses a steep pass known as Hohturli ("the little door"). After the pass, the Bluemlisalp Glacier spills over a long ridge in several intricate twisted braids of ice, and parallels the trail as the trail descends to the stunning granite-bound Lake Oeschinensee. This embroidery shows the Bluemlisalp glacier's topography, hiking trails, and melting data.