Glacier Survey, 40"H x 46"W
Embroidery and heat transfers of the Lyell Glacier in Yosemite National Park. Quotes by John Muir and Israel Russell.

Documenting the Lyell Glacier in Yosemite National Park:
The first scientists to measure the Lyell Glacier in the early 20th century, established photographic positioning points using only a compass and sight lines to the nearby peaks. Mid 20th century scientists returned using compass and map orienteering, and marked the photo points with red fire engine paint. In September 2008, I backpacked with the annual Lyell Glacier Survey.
I joined Yosemite scientists using a GPS to locate the same marks and evaluate the size of the Lyell Glacier which drains into the Tuolumne River, part of the watershed for San Francisco's water supply. I transferred my own and historical photos to show the progression of the Lyell Glacier's melting. The Lyell Glacier's topographic lines are surrounded by text pertaining to the Lyell Glacier from early 20th century explorers John Muir and Israel Russell.
Outside link: Pecha Kucha performance at Martyrs-Chicago (6 min, 40 sec on the backpacking trip)
Outside link: Yosemite Nature Notes No. 12. Video by Steve Bumgardner on the Lyell Glacier survey