Insect Apocalypse
25 " H x 23" W

Embroidery on silk& velvet.

Biodiversity of insects is threatened worldwide. Loss of insect diversity and abundance is expected to provoke cascading effects on food webs and jeopardize ecosystems.

A citizen science project by the Krefeld Entomological Society measured the biomass of flying insects in protected areas for 27 years.




The journal article, "More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas." authored by Hallmann CA, Sorg M, Jongejans E, Siepel H, Hofland N, Schwan H, et al. (2017) was published in the Journal PLoS ONE 12 (10): e0185809

An article written by Brooke Jarvis on November 27, 2018 in the New York Times Magazine, "The Insect Apocalypse is Here"
also mentioned this research: