Its Just Math, 46" H x 54" W
Mixed media, embroidery, heat transfers and stitching on silk, velvet and brocade

Twenty artists and 5 scientists participated in a traveling exhibition, "Paradise Lost? Artists on Climate Change in the Northwoods," funded by the Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment and the Wisconsin Arts Board
PDF of Exhibition Catalogue

A graph depicting 400,000 years of Earth's atmospheric CO2 concentration from studies of air bubbles trapped in glacial ice cores, is embroidered on brocade textiles and surrounded by stitched map fragments. My photographs from winter cross country ski explorations and satellite images of the ozone hole over Antarctica are surrounded by climate modeling equations. A 1914 quotation from the intrepid Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton surrounds the reassembled map pieces. The final outside gold brocade binding is printed with text from many climate change studies and documents.
Collection of the College of Lake County, Illinois