Ice Phenology, 12" H x 28" W
Embroidery on silk, and velvet.
The duration of annual ice cover on Madison, WI's Lake Mendota is graphed next to a definition of the term phenology.

Text: Phenology is the study of the timing of natural events. Phenological records provide comparisons between years and among geographic regions. Examples include the date of emergence of leaves and flowers, the first appearance of migratory birds. Because many such phenomena are very sensitive to small variations in climate, especially temperature, phenological records can be a useful proxy for temperature in historical study of climate change.

Made for the artist/scientist project, "Drawing Water: Artists and Scientists Explore Northern Lakes"
Six artists and six scientists joined in exploring the complexity, beauty and future of northern lakes. This exhibition was made possible by: The University of Wisconsin – Center for Limnology, the Trout Lake Research Station, the National Science Foundation, and the Long Term Ecological Research Program.
Private Collection