For the Traveling Tree from the Bitterroot,
by Greg Pape, Montana's poet laureate

In Montana or far away in Washington DC
what is a tree but a witness to time
and wind with its own way of weathering?

We cut them down and turn them into walls
to keep out wind, something to hang our hopes on
in Montana or far away in Washington DC.

Once a year we bring one inside
to smell the fragrance of the mountains
and remember the forest's way of weathering.

We hang our hopes on the tree,
sing to it, pray to it, and it almost seems to listen
in Washington DC or far away in Montana.

At night by the lights we hang on the tree
someone will look long long at bells, stars, and glass
ornaments glittering, and remember ways of weathering.

How the year waits to be reborn,
how our hopes sometimes shine in the dark
like frost or snow on tree limbs weathering
in Washington DC or far away in Montana

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